Annual Banquet  October 19, 2006

Connecticut Harbor Management Association

A Harbormaster’s Breakout Session led by Mike Griffin preceded the dinner.

Welcoming Remarks - Dr. John Pinto, President CHMA

    A formal meeting of Harbor Commission Chairs is planned for November.

    Introduction of the head table and various guests.

    Acknowledgement of Mike Griffin and the Harbormaster Focus Group.


Special Recognition Presentations to:      

         Joel P. Severance, Past President, CHMA

       Senator George L. “Doc” Gunther

   Robert H. Sammis, Past President, CHMA


Brian Thompson, Director, CT DEP OLISP

   “The DEP's View on Current Issues in Harbor Management”

After three months in the job, two keys issues are dredging and docks. The goal with residential docks is to provide reasonable access with minimal impact. Harbor Management plans are one way to deal with this issue.


Geoffrey Steadman, CHMA                                   

   Overview of dredging issues and role of CHMA    (See the handout Critical Dredging Issues)

Norwalk Phase I is complete; need  money for Phase II.


Danni Goulet, Dredging Coordinator State of Rhode Island

   “Solving Dredging Issues in the State of Rhode Island”

Rhode Island's process was made predictable and consistent. Implementation of a dredging and advocate was very helpful.


Keynote Presentation                                  

Colonel Curtis L. Thalken, Commander, USACE New England

“The Future of Connecticut Harbors and the Role of the Corps of Engineers”

Navigation in Connecticut is high on his list of priorities. He is working to develop a regional aproach to sediment management.


Concluding Remarks - Dr. Pinto


Submitted by Louis Allyn, Secretary